Terapi Oksigen Hiperbarik (TOHB) Pada Kasus Pasien Anak Tuli Mendadak Akibat Mumps

Handi Suyono


One of rare mumps sequalaein pediatric is deafness. Many treatments have been applied to sudden deafness including HBOT. HBOT is still useful and give good result eventhough it was delayed.
Subject and Method
The boy, 13 years old, was suddenly deaf of right ear 2 months ago. He got oral steroids from ENT specialist. There was no improvement after 2 months medications and then stopped the steroids. He had mumps 1 month before sudden deafness. The audiometry test showed hearing decreased 30-60 dB on frequency 125-8000 Hz. He had allergic rhinitis and tonsillitis in the past medical history, and tonsillectomy 6 years ago. HBOT was given 2.4 ATA 1 hour per session per day for 56 sessions (8 weeks). There are no barotrauma during and after HBOT.
He felt hearing improvement after 44 sessions. The audiometry test showed improvement 10-20 dB.
HBOT is usseful and can give clinical improvement eventhough it was delayed.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.33508/jwm.v4i2.1814