Usulan Konseptual Sistem Distribusi Cross Docking untuk Meminimumkan Biaya Distribusi pada Industri Retail

Talia Kasih Putri, Hotma Antoni Hutahaean


For retail industry, the distribution system is the main challenge that must be faced by the company.
Choosing the right strategy will save unnecessary costs and reduce distribution time. The distribution time is needed
to get products to the warehouse and to get them ready for shipping at the distribution centre. If the distribution
time is felt to be too long, it might add costs. The objective of the study was to design a conceptual cross docking
distribution system to minimize distribution costs and reduce distribution time by focusing on the product
distribution inside the distribution center until the products are delivered to each outlet. Designing a conceptual
cross docking distribution system consists of transportation costs, retain costs, the amoun to truck necessities, truck
schedules, and the safety stock planning. Results from our calculation showed that the company’s distribution costs
werereduced. That is, the distribution costs were down by 62% compared to the current distribution costs. Based on
the result, it is concluded that the conceptual cross docking distribution system designed in the present research
successfully answered the existing problems.

Kata kunci : Cross Docking, Truck Scheduling, Simulation

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