Intravascular Lymphoma, Jenis Limfoma Yang Jarang Dijumpai Dengan Prognosis Buruk

Willy Sandhika, Aries Sasongko, Irene Lingkan Parengkuan


Intravascular lymphoma is a rare type of lymphoma with some fundamental differences compared to other types of non–Hodgkin lymphoma in general. Its clinical manifestations vary greatly and depend on the affected organs. There is no pathognomonic signs of intravascular lymphoma, either in clinical, laboratory or radiological findings. This case is challenging to detect and often misdiagnosed because it does not show symptoms that are commonly found in other types of lymphoma, such as mass or nodules formation. The treatment is relatively similar to other lymphoma in general, but the prognosis is worse because it was mostly diagnosed in the advanced stage. These specific conditions become the main reason to separate this case as a special entity of lymphoma.

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Intravascular Lymphoma, Lymphoma Non–Hodgkin

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